Case Report: Surgical Repair of Dislocation

Astra, an eight-month old spayed female Australian Shepherd, was admitted to the Emergency Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia on August 22nd. Astra had jumped out of the window of a moving vehicle going 45 miles per hour. She then rolled onto some grass, but was able to get up and walk to the vehicle. Dad noticed that she seemed “off” in the hind end.

At the Emergency Division Astra was found to have some superficial abrasions and seemed to be stronger on the left hind leg than the right. X-rays were taken and a left sided sacroiliac luxation (dislocation) was discovered. Astra was placed on IV fluids and IV pain medication overnight.

The next day Dr. Morris of the Surgical Division performed surgery to repair the dislocation. Dr. Morris was able to place two pins to stabilize the dislocation and allow it to heal. Astra was discharged two days later. As a puppy she was a handful for her parents to keep quiet for eight weeks!

Astra returned in eight weeks for x-rays to evaluate healing of the dislocation. We are happy to report that Astra has healed beautifully and can now return to her happy, playful puppy self!