Case Report: Ventral Compression at C5 and C6

Bailey, an 11-year-old male Wheaton Terrier, was referred to the Surgery Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia for worsening chronic neck pain.

He had been seen by his regular veterinarian several times for chronic neck pain. The pain was increasing to the point that he couldn’t lay down without screaming in pain. The medications he had been on were no longer working.

When Dr. Morris saw Bailey he was “tap dancing” with his front paws trying to get into a down position. The motion hurt so badly he would change his mind and just stay in a sitting position.

Bailey was immediately taken in for an MRI scan that showed ventral compression at C5-C6 which is the cervical spine. He was then prepped and taken into surgery for a ventral slot surgical procedure. Dr. Morris found a large amount of disk material and achieved excellent decompression.

Two days later Bailey went home in excellent spirits and in much less pain. He could even lay down without screaming in pain. He was like a new dog.

Bailey’s Mom reports that he is back to his old self and still pain free!