When you live with a troubled pet, you feel completely alone. Friends chastise you for thinking about getting rid of them, family chastise you for keeping them, strangers give you dirty looks as you try to get your dog some exercise. You still love your pet though. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

We can help.

Whether you want to find a solution, learn your options, or just get a second opinion, a behavior consultation will give you peace of mind and the clarity to move forward with whatever you decide.

Here is a list of common reasons we see pets for behavior consultations:

  • Aggression with other dogs or people
  • Aggression at the vet
  • Mouthiness and nipping
  • Nervous in the car
  • Digging and chewing
  • Barking at the door
  • Counter surfing
  • Urination or defecation in the home
  • Destruction
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Excessive activity
  • Fear, anxiety and stress

Please don’t think that just because you don’t see your problem here, that we can’t help.

Before Your Appointment

We ask our clients to complete a full, behavior and medical questionnaire. The more information and detail you can provide for us, the better we can help. Once completed, please email it back to us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This will allow Dr. Pike time to review and determine what other questions need to be answered in the consultation.

Ideally, have a CBC and Chemistry completed with your primary care veterinarian before your appointment. These results will be a valuable part of your medical record.

The day of your appointment, please do not feed your pet. They may have access to water and go for a walk. Bring any training equipment, medications, supplements, or anything you think may be useful for us to see. When you arrive, stay in your vehicle. One of the staff will come outside and escort you directly into the room. Do not allow anyone but your family and the behavior staff to interact with your pet.

All dogs should be on leashes and all cats in carriers.

Your First Appointment

The initial appointment focuses on diagnosing the problem and giving you and your pet immediate relief. This appointment is up to one hour in length. The doctor and her staff will help shed light on your concerns and begin developing a plan for moving forward. You are encouraged to bring a list of other questions or concerns that you might have. Open communication is vital to the success of your treatment plan.

Your Treatment Plan

After the initial appointment, Dr. Pike will provide you with ample resources to review. These will be selected based on your pet’s specific ailment. As there is often a lot of new information for our pet owners, we provide 1-2 weeks to review this information, make immediate changes prescribed by the doctor, and monitor for any changes. At the treatment plan appointment, you will meet with one of the nurses. She will take the prescribed treatment plan and help you implement it. She will discuss some of the finer points of management, the products Dr. Pike recommends, and the beginning phases of training that are needed to help accomplish your goals. As before, you will be provided with written material to take home and review.

Follow Up

Depending on the diagnosis, Dr. Pike might request seeing your pet back once weekly or only once per year. Some animals are far too anxious or aggressive to have in the facility on a regular basis, so distance rechecks are available. Ultimately, as the pet owner, you will know the amount of help you need moving forward. If you would prefer more hands-on assistance, our office has a network of trusted trainers that come directly to your home.

Year in Behavior Flow Chart (PowerPoint Format)