Case Report: Surgical Removal of Bladder Stones

Blue, a five-year old female spayed Silky Terrier, was taken to her regular veterinarian when she began urinating in the house. A urinalysis was performed and Blue was placed on a course of antibiotics. The antibiotics did not resolve the inappropriate urination so x-rays were taken. The x-rays revealed that Blue had multiple bladder stones. Blue was then referred to the Surgical Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia for surgical intervention.

Dr. Morris performed a cystotomy, an incision into the bladder, to remove the stones. Blue had an abundance of stones. Four were so large that there was no possibility they could pass through the urinary system. The bladder stones were sent to a lab to determine their composition. This is important as diet can play a large part in the formation of bladder stones. In Blue’s case this proved true and she was placed on a special diet to help keep future stones from forming.

Blue returned two weeks after surgery to have her sutures removed. Blue’s Mom reports that she is no longer urinating inappropriately and she is feeling fantastic.