Cold Laser Therapy Delivers Many Benefits to Your Pets

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is the use of a low-level laser that interacts with cells in the body.  The energy administered by the laser is absorbed by the tissue, affecting the cells.  At the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia we use cold laser therapy to enhance your pet’s health and comfort level and decrease recovery times.  Our MLS Cold Laser is special because it is able to penetrate deeper tissue than traditional cold laser therapy devices without producing the harmful effects of higher powered lasers.


How Does Cold Laser Therapy Help My Pet?

  • Increases blood flow to the affected area which brings vital nutrients, oxygen, and white blood cells.
  • Decreases painful swelling by helping the body reabsorb excess fluid.
  • Reduces pain by removing extra fluid and decreases healing time.
  • Noninvasive—it treats areas that are very sensitive or hard to access.
  • Is a drug-free option that can be used alone or in conjunction with medications.


When Would You Use Cold Laser Therapy On My Pet?

Cold Laser Therapy is very helpful for a broad scope of ailments and injuries.

  • The laser is used for our patients with pulled muscles or strained ligaments.  These patients benefit greatly from multiple laser treatments over a few weeks.  We also prescribe pain medication and rest.
  • We use the cold laser on incisions from surgery including knee surgeries, abdominal incisions, fracture repairs, back surgeries, and many more.  This helps decrease swelling and healing time.
  • Our patients who have back pain but do not require surgery are helped by multiple laser treatments along with cage rest.  The laser helps bring blood flow to the area so they can regain normal function more quickly.
  • Patients who are recovering from traumatic injuries that cause edema and severe bruising respond very well to laser treatment.  It is noninvasive so pets who have survived car accidents or dog fights can be treated while resting comfortably in their cage.
  • The cold laser is very effective for areas of infection.  It increases blood flow to the affected area bringing white blood cells and other nutrients that aid in the healing process.
  • Some areas are hard to treat due to location or pain.  The cold laser is great for treating issues with ears, anus, and paws.


Contact the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia at 703.361.0710 for information on how Cold Laser Therapy can help your dog or cat.

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