Case Report: Fracture of Medial and Lateral Condyles

Diesel, a 15-month old neutered male Pug mix, jumped out of the car and landed wrong. His parents heard the fracture as it occurred.

Diesel’s parents took him to his regular veterinarian immediately after the accident. X-rays were done and a right elbow fracture was discovered. Diesel was then referred to the Surgery Division of the Veterinary Referral Center.

After looking at Diesel’s x-rays Dr. Bradley was concerned about being able to repair the fracture because both the medial and lateral condyles (the part of the joint that allows for articulation) were fractured. Dr. Bradley prepared Diesel’s parents for the worst-case scenario—amputation of the limb. Diesel’s parents agreed that they would be fine with an amputation if necessary.

Dr. Bradley attempted to repair both condyles for an hour and a half to no avail. Amputation was the only solution to enable Diesel to live a pain-free life. Diesel did well throughout the surgery and in recovery and went home the very next day. What a trooper this sweet boy is!