Case Report: Fractured Elbow

Dino, a six-month old male French Bulldog, was referred to the Surgical Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia for an elbow fracture.

In August Dino tripped while running up a flight of cement stairs. He sat quietly when he got to the top of the stairs, but when Dad picked him up he cried out. Dad immediately took Dino to his regular veterinarian who took x-rays and found the elbow fracture.

The following day Dr. Morris performed the surgery to repair Dino’s fracture. A screw and two pins were used to stabilize Dino’s fracture while it heals. Since Dino is still a puppy his bone should heal very quickly.

Dino returned after six weeks for his follow-up x-ray. We are happy to report that Dino is completely healed and can return to his normal puppy activity.