Do You Have a Senior Pet?

Thanks to better veterinary care—dogs and cats are living longer than they have before. As they age—they need extra care and attention. Cats and small breed dogs are considered senior citizens at seven years old. Large breed dogs have a shorter life span and are considered seniors at five to six years old.

Regular veterinary examinations for your pet can detect problems in older pets before they advance or become life-threatening. In many cases, solutions and relief for your pet are available.

Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate age-related problems:

• Sudden weight loss, especially in cats
• Less interested in active playing or running
• Having trouble with daily activities
• Seems more depressed or irritable
• Easily disturbed by loud sounds
• Unusually aggressive behavior
• Increased barking or meowing
• Anxiety or nervousness
• Confused or disoriented
• House soiling or “accidents”
• Change in sleep habits

Regular appointments with your veterinarian ensure that your senior dog or cat gets the care and attention they need as they age.

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