Case Report: Biceps Tendon Surgery

When Dukester, a six-year old neutered German Shepard mix, started limping on his left front leg in late March his Mom took him to his veterinarian. His veterinarian performed a physical exam and x-rays but no obvious injuries or masses were felt or seen. Dukester was put on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and a joint supplement.

No improvement was seen on the medications. A short while later Dukester was brought in to the Emergency Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia for a broken nail on his left front leg. Dukester was prescribed additional pain medication but there was still no improvement of the limping on that leg.

In September Dukester was referred to the Surgical Division to diagnose Dukester’s limping issue. He was sedated and extensive x-rays and a physical exam were performed. Unfortunately the x-rays did not show any obvious injuries. An MRI was performed and an issue with the biceps tendon was diagnosed.

Dukester underwent surgery on September 19th with Dr. Bradley. The biceps tendon was not torn, however a band of tissue that is supposed to keep the biceps tendon in place was abnormally thickened. That band of tissue was pressing down on the biceps tendon limiting movement of the shoulder and causing chronic pain. The abnormal tissue was removed which will allow the shoulder joint to move much more freely.

Hopefully this sweet guy is well on the way to regaining the use of his left front leg and becoming pain free!