E-Collars and Your Pet

Also known as the “the cone of shame,” the Elizabethan collar is something most pets will need to wear at least once in their life. Your dog or cat will lick at an area as a natural response to heal themselves but it can cause more harm than good. They do it to clean the area and increase blood flow. With modern medicine and simple first aid care that owners and veterinarians can provide, it is not necessary for pets to lick a wound. Here are some tips about caring for your pet while using an e-collar.

Dogs or cats may have to wear an e-collar to keep them from licking at:

  • A hot spot or allergic area on their skin
  • A wound from an accident or dog bite
  • A surgical site
  • A splint or bandage
  • Because the area is causing them pain or discomfort


To help keep the e-collar on:

  • Use your pet’s collar to loop through the holes
  • Make sure you can only get 2 fingers between your pet’s neck and the collar
  • Your pet’s nose should NOT be able to come past the outer rim of the e-collar
  • Raise your pet’s bowls off the floor if it is difficult for them to eat or drink with it on
  • Leave the e-collar on at all times if your pet is pawing at it as they will learn to move around with it more easily if it is on constantly than if you are constantly taking it on and off
  • Give your pet treats and praise when they are wearing the e-collar
  • Put duct tape around the edge of the collar if your pet is running into the back of your legs or walls of your home


Most veterinarians carry plastic e-collars but there are other varieties that may be better for your pet:

  • Soft paper-like e-collars *see picture
  • Clear plastic e-collars
  • Long plastic e-collars for long necked dogs *see picture
  • ProCollar (inflatable e-collar that only goes around neck)
  • BiteNot Collar (resembles neck brace)
  • Comfy Collar (made of nylon and foam)
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