Q. What Is An Emergency?

A. Not every health problem your pet encounters will require emergency medical care. With some illnesses and injuries, symptoms may develop slowly or seem minor on the surface, thereby making it difficult to determine the need for immediate medical care.

If your pet has any of these symptoms they may need emergency medical care:

  • Bleeding
  • Trauma
  • Acute swelling anywhere on the body
  • Wounds or lacerations
  • Any bite wounds (snake, dog, cat, insect, wild animal etc.)
  • Hit by a car
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Consumption of toxins
  • Ingestion of foreign objects
  • Convulsions/Seizures
  • Lethargy
  • Pain
  • Eye Problems
  • Disorientation
  • Heatstroke
  • Drowning
  • Coughing or Respiratory Distress

If your pet has an ongoing medical problem that could result in a sudden emergency, make sure that you keep pertinent medical records easily accessible so the doctor can review them.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. You do not need to make an appointment. If you can, please call ahead so we can inform the doctor and the team members on duty that your pet is in route.

Q. How long is the wait time before my pet will be seen by a doctor?

A. The patients are examined on a first come/first serve basis. Life and death emergencies are seen as soon as they come into the practice. All patients are triaged as soon as they come in by one of our nurses and/or taken to our treatment area to be examined by our doctor if warranted.

Q. What do I need to bring with me when I come to the clinic?

A. Please bring any relevant medical records from your regular veterinarian, such as blood work, radiographs, or treatment procedures. We do not need proof of vaccinations. If your pet receives any medication for a chronic condition, i.e. insulin, heart or seizure medications please bring those as well.

Q. How much is the initial exam?

A. The initial exam is $110. We will provide you with a written treatment plan before any treatment begins. Hospitalized cases are required to leave a deposit of 60% of the high end of the estimate

Q. Does your clinic do routine care (vaccinations, well dog checkups)?

A. No, we are an extension of the local veterinarians for emergency veterinary care when their clinics are closed.

Q. Will my regular veterinarian know what you treated my pet for?

A. We fax a copy of your discharge letter along with all bloodwork to your regular veterinarian. They are informed of all medical treatments we provided for your pet. We also send a copy of all x-rays with you and can also e-mail them to your veterinarian if necessary

Q. Is there a veterinarian on the premises?

A. There is a veterinarian in the clinic during all business hours.

Q. What kind of diagnostics are available?

A. Please visit our SERVICES page for a list of diagnostics equipment.

Q. Do you have veterinary specialists on staff?

A. All of our doctors practice general and emergency medicine. Our Veterinary Referral Center offers soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, internal medicine and holistic medicine. If an additional specialist is needed i.e., cardiology, neurology, we work closely with other specialty practices located in Northern Virginia.

Q. Will I speak with a doctor when I call?

A. No, the doctor cannot give medical advice without first examining your pet.

Q. Can I make payments or do you have a payment plan?

A. Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash and checks. Please note that all checks are debited electronically at the time they are written. We encourage the use of CareCredit for clients wishing to make payment plans. You can go to their website for more information www.carecredit.com.

Q. Can you fill out my pet insurance forms?

A. Yes, we will fill out any necessary insurance paperwork. We provide you with copies of the documentation you need to submit to your insurance policy. We will gladly fax the paperwork for you to your insurance group at the time of discharge.

Q. What types of animals do you treat?

A. We treat primarily dogs and cats. Our veterinarians do not specialize in birds or exotics, so we refer you to Dr. Stahl at 703.281.3750 or Pender Exotics at 703.591.3304. Injured wildlife is evaluated and the appropriate treatment is implemented at no charge. We work closely with the Virginia Wildlife Center at 540.942.9453  or www.wildlife@wildlifecenter.org.

Q. When is it necessary to call animal poison control?

A. If you believe your pet has ingested a potentially dangerous substance, there are two Poison Control Hotlines available:
Animal Poison Control: 1.888.426.4435.  There is a 100 fee.
Pet Poison Hotline: 1.800.213.6680.  There is a $39 fee.

Q. Do you board animals?

A. No. We provide overnight medical care for our patients. We do not offer boarding services.

Q. Can you refill my prescriptions?

A. We cannot refill any prescription unless we have seen your pet.

Q. Do you make house calls?

A. No, you must bring your pet into our facility for treatment.

Q. Do you have someone that speaks Spanish?

A. We have access to Spanish-speaking individuals that can be reached by phone to interpret.

Emergency Clinic Hours

We are open 24 hours a day including all major holidays, including Memorial Day,
July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.