If your pet is in a life-threatening condition and requires immediate care you will be asked to approve a critical release form ($350 – $500). This will allow the doctor to begin immediate treatment. The doctor will speak to you as soon as your pet’s status is stable. At that time we will present you with an itemized treatment plan that will include further testing and treatment.

Treatment Plans

If your pet is not in critical condition the doctor will explain what treatments or tests they recommend and you will be presented with a written treatment plan of those treatments and tests for your approval.

Once you have been presented with an itemized treatment plan for treatments and/or tests you will be asked to approve the cost of the treatment plan. The treatment plan provides a low/high range of costs that attempts to predict the costs of services we will be providing. All clients are asked to pay for services at the end of your visit.

If you have financial concerns, we will work with you on a treatment plan that will best help your pet, while taking into consideration your finances. We accept Visa, Master card, Discover, American Express, checks, cash and Care Credit. Care Credit is a healthcare credit card similar to other major credit cards but with unique features. (No interest if paid in full within the promotional period of six months) Please ask for a handout for more information.

If your pet must be hospitalized you will be asked to leave a deposit of 60% of the high end of the estimate. The balance will need to be paid when you pick up your pet.