Case Report: Perineal Urethrostomy

Fitz is a one and a half year old grey male Domestic Short Hair. He has a history of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis which is a condition when the bladder becomes inflamed for an unknown reason. This can cause cats to have inappropriate urination, frequent urination, and blood in the urine among other symptoms.

Fitz has had periodic flare ups but one night at home he began straining to urinate with no urine production and was vocalizing. Fitz’s owner took him to the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia’s Emergency Division. Fitz was given pain medication and observed overnight. After several hours of not producing urine he was diagnosed with a urinary obstruction.

The next day Fitz was transferred to the Surgery Division for a perineal urethrostomy procedure which creates a new opening out of which Fitz can urinate. After a couple days in the hospital with a urinary catheter in place we sent him home to recover.

Cats that have a urinary obstruction are often very painful and can be quite sick. Thanks to Fitz’s observant owners and their quick action, his obstruction was caught very early. Urinary obstructed patients can often be difficult to treat because they are so uncomfortable. Fitz was easy going and ready for attention from the nursing staff the entire time he was in the hospital. We loved his sweet nature and will be checking up on him during the next few weeks to make sure he continues to improve.