Case Report: Non-Functioning Kidney Removed

Goji, a seven-month old spayed female domestic shorthair, was referred to the Surgical Division of the Veterinary Referral Service for a non-functioning, enlarged kidney.

Dr. Bradley performed an abdominal exploratory and located a stricture point at the location of the ovarian pedicle (the vasculature for the ovary attaches near the back of the kidney). Goji had been spayed at two months old because she was a kitten adopted from a shelter. In a small kitten or puppy all the vasculature is very tiny and close together. This is not a common occurrence, but we have seen it from time to time.

Goji’s non-functioning kidney was removed with no complications. Like people, pets can live with only one kidney. Goji should go on to live a happy, healthy life with her grateful Mom.