Case Report: Foreign Body Obstruction in Intestinal Tract

Hugo is a very sweet and well-mannered three and a half year old Olde English Bulldogge. His foster mom picked him up through Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA). She noticed he wasn’t as active as he should be and was not eating. After a couple of vomiting episodes she took Hugo to her regular veterinarian.

Hugo’s situation worsened quickly so he was referred to the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia with a suspect foreign body obstruction. Hugo was treated at the Emergency Division with drugs to help with nausea and IV fluids. Once he was stabilized Hugo was seen by the Internal Medicine Division for an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed the doctor’s suspicion that Hugo did have foreign material in his intestinal tract. It was not allowing contents to move through his GI system which was causing the vomiting and lethargy.

The next day Hugo was transferred to the Surgery Division. Cloth material was found in his small intestine. Some of his intestines were severely damaged and had to be removed but this will not cause any long-term effects. The day after surgery Hugo was a little sleepy but still wagged his tail and wanted to have his ears scratched during all of his treatments. Hugo recovered quickly while being hospitalized and went home with his foster mom several days later. He should be back to his normal self in no time!

*Hugo has an eye condition called entropion. This is when the eyelids turn in toward the eye globe causing irritation. Once Huge is fully recovered from his foreign body surgery—he will have surgery to correct his eyelids.