Case Report: Hemilaminectomy Performed to Address Acute Hind Limb Paralysis

Iclyn, a seven-year old female spayed Siberian Husky, was referred to the Surgical Division of the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia for acute hind limb paralysis. An MRI was performed and revealed a herniated disk. A Hemilaminectomy was performed immediately following the MRI.

The recovery can be extremely slow in cases like Iclyn’s. She went home one week after surgery with no motor in her hind limbs. Iclyn’s dedicated owner performed passive range of motion techniques and massaged her legs multiple times daily. Slowly Iclyn has regained the use of her back legs. Iclyn is now swimming daily with the guidance of her owner and gaining better function daily.

It has been a long, slow journey but Iclyn’s owner is thrilled with her recovery!