Case Report: Soft Palate Tumor

Jelly Bean is a ten-year old male Chihuahua mix who began to grunt and snort when breathing. The noises were getting progressively worse. Although he was still eating and drinking, a visit to the vet revealed a mass in his throat. Jelly Bean is a rescue who is used to tolerating oral exams as he was found with severe dental disease. He needed to have all his teeth pulled and part of his lower jaw removed.

Jelly Bean was referred to us for a sedated oral exam to find out where the mass was originating from and if it could be removed. While under anesthesia Dr. Bradley was able to observe the mass. It was originating from the soft palate. The mass was larger than a marble and it was obstructing Jelly Bean’s normal breathing patterns. This is what was causing the loud grunting and snorting. Dr Bradley was able to remove, or debulk, the tumor and give Jelly Bean some much-needed relief. After surgery Jelly Bean was already able to breathe easier. Although Jelly Bean will need special attention and care post-surgery, the removal of the mass will make him much more comfortable.

We are pleased to report that Jelly Bean is doing well at home.