Pet Evacuation Kit

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation stresses the importance of being prepared for a disaster with a pet evacuation kit. They recommend assembling the kit well in advance of any emergency and storing it in an easy-to-carry, waterproof container located close to an exit.

Be sure that you rotate and replace the food and medications to ensure they don’t expire. Here is what they recommend that you include in your pet evacuation kit:

Food and Medicine
• Three to seven days’ worth of dry and canned (pop-top) food*
• Two-week supply of medicine*
• At least seven days’ supply of water
• Feeding dish and water bowl
• Liquid dish soap
*These items must be rotated and replaced to ensure they don’t expire.

First Aid Kit
• Antidiarrheal liquid or tablets
• Antibiotic ointment
• Bandage tape and scissors
• Cotton bandage rolls
• Flea and tick prevention (if needed in your area)
• Isopropyl alcohol/alcohol prep pads
• Latex gloves
• Saline solution
• Towel and washcloth
• Tweezers

• Litter, litter pan, and scoop (shirt box with plastic bag works well for pan)
• Newspaper, paper towels, and trash bags
• Household chlorine beach or disinfectant

Important Documents
• Identification papers including proof of ownership
• Medical records and medication instructions
• Emergency contact list, including veterinarian and pharmacy
• Photo of your pet (preferably with you)

Travel Supplies
• Crate or pet carrier labeled with your contact information
• Extra collar/harness with ID tags and leash
• Flashlight, extra batteries
• Muzzle

Comfort Items
• Favorite toys and treats
• Extra blanket or familiar bedding

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