Poinsettias and Pets

“I found my pet licking the Poinsettias I displayed as holiday decorations.  What should I do?”

Poinsettias are often feared by pet owners as a toxic plant.  While it isn’t good for our pets to eat or lick Poinsettias, the plant is not as toxic as the public thinks.  The Poinsettia is considered to be only mildly toxic.  The white sap the plant produces can be mildly toxic if your pet is exposed.  Look for signs like drooling or licking their lips more frequently.  The sap can also cause skin irritation.  If a large amount of sap is ingested it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If your pet is showing interest in your Poinsettias, sternly but verbally tell them no and redirect their interest. Take precautions by placing your poinsettias in areas where your pets do not have access without your supervision.  Our warmest wishes to you for Happy Holidays!

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