0 – 9

10 Behavior Myths

A – C

A, B, C Treats
Acute Management of Problem Behavior
Agents Implicated in Serotonin Syndrome
Aggression in Cats – Intercat Aggression
Canine Aggression to Child
Aggression in Cats – Redirected Aggression
Aggression in Dogs – Unfamiliar dogs
Aggression in Dogs – Familiar Dogs
Aggression in Dogs – Towards Family Members
Aggression in Dogs – Sibling Rivalry
Aggression in Dogs – Territorial
Air and Car Travel in Dogs – Behavior and Training
Assessing Prognosis and Risk in Aggressive Dogs
AVMA Statement – Socialization of Puppies and Kittens
AVSAB Dominance Position Statement
AVSAB Punishment Position Statement
Baby and Dog Supervision
Barking in Dogs
Behavioral Euthanasia
Behavior Problem Tracking
Better Never Bitten
Bonus Training
Bringing Home Baby
Capturing Calmness
Calm Greetings
Chewing – Destructive Behavior in Dogs
Choosing a Trainer
Children and Pets
Classical Counter Conditioning to Change Emotional State
Classical Counter Conditioning to Stimuli
Clicker and Target Training
Clicker Mechanics
Compulsive Disorder in Cats
Compulsive Stereotype and Displacement Disorders
Confinement Training
Crate Training in Dogs
Creating Harmony in Multiple Cat Homes

D – F

Declawing Cats
Desensitization and Counterconditioning
Does Your Dog Need Medication?
Door and Gate Bolting – Treatment
Doorbell Game
Emergency U-turn
Enrichment For Indoor Cats
Enrichment in Dogs and Cats – Activity Toys
Fear and Anxiety Scale
Fears and Phobias in Dogs – Animals and People
Fears and Phobias in Dogs – Inanimate Noises and Places
Fears and Phobias in Dogs – Storms and Fireworks
Feeding Your Feline
Feline Enrichment Part 1
Feline Enrichment Part 2
Feline Recall
Fighting Between Household Dogs
Food Bowl Guarding – Aggression in Dogs
Food Puzzles with Your Cat

G – I

Go Say Hello – Dogs
Graduated Planned Departure Training
Greeting Behavior Door Charging
Handling Training
Head Collars
Head Halter Training
Helping a Pet Who Has Lost Their Best Buddy
Housesoiling Cat
Housesoiling in Dogs
How to Videotape
Implementing Desensitization and Counterconditioning
Inter-cat Aggression – Play Predation
Interacting with Your Pet
Introducing Cats
Introducing Dogs and Cats
Introduction to Leash Walks
Introducing Pets to a Baby
Introducing Unfamiliar Dogs
Introducing Your Cats to Other Pets

J – L

Jumping Up
Ladder of Aggression
Learn to Earn and Predictable Reward
Leash Walking Foundations
Litter Box Tips

M – O

Managing noise and storm phobia
Marking and Spraying
Marking Behavior in Dogs
Maximizing Training Success
Maximizing treatment success
Muzzle Training

P – R

Pet Meets Baby
Petting Aggression
Play and Play Toys Cats
Possessive Toy Guarding
Preventive Care for Outdoor Cats
Puppy- Play Biting
Puppy – HouseTraining
Red Light Green Light
Reinforcement and Rewards

S – T

Senior Pet- Cognitive Dysfunction
Separation Anxiety Treatment Protocol
Separation Anxiety
Serotonin syndrome
Settle and Relaxation Training
Signs of fear, anxiety and stress
Stealing and Stay Away
Structuring Your Relationship With Your Pet
Submissive Urination
Teaching Drop It and Retrieving Stolen Items
Teaching Leave It
Teaching Your Pet How to be Confined
Territorial and Fear Aggression
The Three Part “Stranger Danger” Protocol
To Break Up a Fight
To Choke or Not to Choke
Training products for dogs- collars and harness
Tranquility training

U – Z

Uncoupling Cues From Departure
What Your Cat Needs
Why Punishment Does Not Work