Supporting RappCats

The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia is locally owned and operated.  We believe in giving back to our community and to the surrounding region.  We are very proud to support RappCats and the fantastic work they do for needy cats and kittens throughout Rappahannock County!

RappCats is a private, non-profit organization that rescues, cares for, and finds loving homes for abandoned, abused, neglected, injured, and homeless cats and kittens throughout Rappahannock County. The RappCats Adoption Center, a cage-free, no-kill facility, is the only state-approved cat shelter in Rappahannock County.  

RappCats is operated by volunteers and funded through donations alone. The Rappahannock County Animal Shelter is funded only for dogs so RappCats’ rescue work and care for needy cats and kittens is extremely critical.

Donations, volunteers, foster homes, and loving homes for RappCats’ wonderful cats and kittens are needed. Please call 540.987.6050 or email for more information and to schedule your visit.

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