Arthroscopy is a procedure that can be used to examine the interior of a joint. It may be used to examine any joint in the body but is most commonly used in the knee, shoulder, and elbows. During an arthroscopy a small incision, a quarter to half-inch long, is made over the joint and a camera is inserted into the capsule. Fluid is flushed into the joint to allow for good visualization of joint surfaces.

Patients seen at VSRP may benefit from arthroscopy as a means to examine and repair an osteochondritis dissecans lesion (OCD) of the shoulder or elbow or fractured anconeal process. A doctor will decide if this will be beneficial in the treatment of your pet’s joint pain.

Your pet’s recovery time will vary depending on the problem being treated. There are no bandages used to cover the incision. Your pet will be able to walk after surgery but may still limp for a few weeks.