Urethral Prolapse in Dogs

Urethral Prolapse is a relatively rare condition in young, intact, male dogs. It is more common in brachycephalic (short nosed, flat faced) breeds such as Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. The tip of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to excretion, everts through the opening of the penis.

While the exact cause is unknown, it may be related to prolonged sexual excitement due to being intact or an underlying urogenital disorder. If a urogenital disorder is suspected further diagnostics will be necessary.

The condition appears as a small red or purple mass at the tip of the penis. The symptoms include:
• Visible blood at the tip of the penis
• Blood in the urine
• Excessively licking the penis

The diagnosis can usually be made by physical examination. The treatment of choice is surgical intervention to resect the prolapsed part of the urethra. The patient should be castrated at the time of surgery to avoid recurrence.

This can become a life-threatening situation if the tip of the urethra becomes “strangled” and urine can’t be excreted. Prognosis with surgery is excellent. Cats are not affected by this condition.

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