With warm weather comes the risk of heat stress and heat stroke

Know the signs and what you should do if your pet is affected.

Heat Stress and Heat Stroke
One of the more common and tragic injuries seen each year is heat stroke. Very young, very old, and brachycephalic breeds (those with a short “smashed face” appearance like pugs and bulldogs) are at the most risk.

Signs of heat stress and impending heat stroke include:
• Heavy panting
• Decreased responsiveness to commands
• Weakness
• Glassy eyes
• Body temperature above 103.5 degrees F

Heat stroke symptoms include:
• Collapse
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea (possibly bloody)
• Seizures
• Body temperature above 106 degrees F

What Should You Do?
If your pet shows signs of heat stress begin first aid by cooling them but do not decrease their body temperature below normal and take them to a veterinarian immediately. Heat stroke causes damage to internal organs. Even with aggressive treatment some pets may die.

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