You Can Save Money with Specialized Care

We understand that financial costs play a significant role in many decisions.  The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia is dedicated to providing your dogs and cats with top-quality care without the high prices.  Our prices are less than those of other veterinary referral hospitals throughout Northern Virginia.  How do we do it?

  • We do not automatically transfer our patients to our Emergency Division for care.  Sending all overnight patients to the ICU is a common practice in many referral hospitals.  Often this practice results in unnecessary extra charges; does not allow healthy patients to recover from routine procedures in a quiet environment; and overburdens the ICU staff when critical patients do arrive.  Only our critical patients are transferred to our Emergency Division for overnight care.  Otherwise your pet will recover in the same area of the facility where you dropped them off where they will receive the personalized care they need provided by our highly trained overnight staff.
  • Other referral and emergency hospitals spend money which they must recover on discretionary activities like local pet expos and parades.  We choose to limit our spending to what is specifically required to maintain the highest level of care for our patients.  We rely on our highly trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment, leading-edge techniques and procedures, proven results, and long-standing relationships with local referring veterinarians to maintain our reputation as the provider of the best quality yet most affordable specialized care for dogs and cats in Northern Virginia.
  • Our four divisions—Emergency, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Behavior Medicine—coordinate and work closely together so we are able to source the highest quality materials from large-scale vendors at better prices as we purchase larger volumes of products to supply all four divisions.  We pass this savings on to our clients.
  • We do not add extra charges for things your pet does not need.  We provide itemized invoices so you can see exactly what your pet received while in our care.  While general estimates can be provided over the phone, more exact estimates are provided after a thorough examination.

The Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia Team believes it is our responsibility to provide your pets with exceptional care at the most affordable prices and we are committed to doing so.

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